Posizione da post-doc al Montpellier Cell Biology Center (CRBM), Francia

  • 14 Feb 2020

“Role of Arpp19 and ENSA in the control of tissue homeostasis”

A two-years postdoctoral position funded by the French Laboratories of Excellence “Labex EpiGenMed” is available in the laboratory of Anna Castro and Thierry Lorca (http://www.crbm.cnrs.fr/index.php/en/annacastro- uk) at Montpellier Cell Biology Center (CRBM), France.
Our laboratory studies the mechanisms controlling kinases and phosphatases in cell cycle and cell signaling.

Contact: anna.castro@crbm.cnrs.fr or thierry.lorca@crbm.cnrs.fr

Main Publications of the Laboratory:
1- Vigneron, S. et al (2009) EMBO J 28 : 2786-2793.
2- Gharbi-Ayachi et al (2010). Science 330: 1673-1677.
3- Burgess A., et al (2010). PNAS, 107 : 12564-9.
4- Vera et al (2015). eLife, 4 :10115.
5- Charrasse S et al (2017). Nat Commun, 8:206
6- Vigneron S et al (2018). Dev Cell,45 :637-650
7- Hached et al (2019). J Cell Biol, 218(2):541-558

Our laboratory identified in the past a new signalling pathway consisting of the Greatwall kinase, its substrates Arpp19 and ENSA and the phosphatase PP2A-B55 that is essential for mitosis and S phase entry and progression. Our recent data suggest that Arpp19 and ENSA could play a new unexpected role independent of the cell cycle control. We recently constructed knockout mice for Arpp19 and ENSA. In the present project we will analyse the new role of these two proteins in the control of tissue homeostasis.

Candidate profile:
Postdoctoral applicants must have or submitted one or more first-author in a peer-reviewed international journal(s) and a strong background in at least one of the following fields: live-cell imaging, knockout mouse phenotype analysis, immunohistochemistry and /or MEFs purification and culture. A high motivation and independent work are required. Applicants must be available to start at the latest on November 2020.

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